• 2016: Magic Digital media is founded

    Magic Digital Media was founded by Derek DeMeo as a multi-pronged approach to taking large scale manufacturers direct to Amazon and building their private label brands. With a slate of initial clients, MDM got off the ground building these new brands from the ground up on Amazon, scaling up product sales, and handling everything from logistics to customer service. Our first brand ever grew to $20 Million in sales year one.

  • 2017: A Shift to Private Labels

    Over the course of time, with experience in the ever-changing Amazon landscape, Magic Digital Media shifted gears and began growing private label brands under the Mayfair Brands Limited umbrella Founded by Derek DeMeo and his business partner in 2017. In the process, training a crew of virtual assistants helped the company stay small and nimble. The in-house team of 3 US employee's was able to launch multiple best-selling products in rapid succession doing over $65 Million in sales year one.

  • 2017-2020: Growth

    With a small creative and management team, Mayfair Brands Limited grew to be one of the largest Amazon FBA Sellers in the world, with 9-figures in annual sales, and the experience that comes along with those sales. Our team mastered listing creation and management, brand building, and selling Millions of units along the way.

  • 2020: VA Relief is Formed

    VA Relief started as an internal joke. Derek jokingly said "Look what we built, I bet others would benefit from this" Derek jokes often, but he can make visions come to light. It was time to parlay years of Ecommerce experience into another venture. In late 2019, Derek recognized that there was a need for talented virtual assistant's within the online selling space - VA Relief was born. With a fully managed and pre-trained team, VA Relief was able to scale rapidly, onboarding it's first Ecommerce clients, and then moving into other industries - varelief.com

  • 2021: Mayfair Brands Asset Acquisitions

    After 3 booming years of growth,  Mayfair Brands sold four of their Brands assets to Thrasio - the largest acquirer of Amazon FBA businesses. 

  • 2022: big ideas

    What's next? Well, Derek and his team brings ideas to life, while we've got plenty in the pipeline currently, if you have a current business or idea that you think we should be involved in, reach out via our contact form. Let's talk!