Video Production & Animation

Engage your clients – give them what they want. Offer them enriched content – something that is more than text. With appealing videos, you can ensure repeat interactions. Research has shown that videos stimulate the visual senses and thus increase retention by more than 50%. It can be an important part of search engine optimization in NYC and other cities. Embed your company message in your clients’ minds – keep them thinking about your brand.

Vidoes Get Clicks

Some studies have shown that engaging videos can get more than 260% more clicks than other type of content. It’s simple to grab attention with videos. Engaged prospects are easier to convert. Don’t miss out on big sales opportunities.

You need to hold on to the customer’s attention. With an appealing video, you can make sure the customer stays on your page for long. Sites with videos can hold visitor’s attention 250% longer than sites that don’t have a video.

Besides holding on to your visitors, videos are also used to offer diversity to your content and generate more leads.

Need more Reasons?

Here is why video marketing should be an integral part of search engine optimization. Websites with videos rank higher on Google. A consumer who likes your video will have 144% higher chances of adding the product to the cart. Also, while 20% of people read the text, 80% prefer watching a video because of its simplicity and ability to explain a lot in a few seconds.


If you want the best value for your dollar, include a few videos in your marketing campaign. Ask us and we’ll create winning videos for you. You might not have a video on your website, but your competitors will. Don’t lose customers. Engage them with videos.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Work to create video content
  • Engage visitors
  • Increase retention from 0 to up to 68%

This is how we convert prospects to consumers in no time.