Amazon Branding & Identity

On Amazon, credibility is everything. As a brand or manufacturer, you have a name that you’ve got to live up to. From brand identity to reputation management, we mentor you on how to always keep a great identity. Whether or not a customer chooses you over your competitors depends on your credibility & reviews. Reputation management and branding are CRITICAL to enhance your position on Amazon. And here is how we do it.

Creating Value

What kind of corporate values do you want to reflect on the quality of your products? Before you build a brand or even a listing for that matter, you need to redefine yourself and adapt to Amazons culture. We help mentor you to find your correct values before establishing your position in Amazon marketplace or enhancing your current standing.

Identity Establishment

Once you bring your Amazon products public and for sale, you need to start establishing your culture. From social media content to Amazon advertising – there should be consistency when you maintain a corporate identity. Your communication with clients and your marketing strategies should reflect that consistency.

Guideline Establishment

Communication & reliable customer service is the essence of the brand name. Every communication that you have with your clients and prospects must follow specific guidelines. And these guidelines should reflect your product category and Amazon best practices.


When a buyer visits your Amazon listings or Amazon storefront, what they remember most is your images and reviews. That experience is more than anything that they read about you. If you provide a crisp online experience with a consistent and transparent presentation, your customers will remember your brand name. And that’s how brands on Amazon are built.

Are You Telling The Right Story?

Compelling imagery and A+ content sell the best. How are you planning to tell yours? How do your customers choose you over the competition? We help coach you to tell a story that your customers can remember. We can mentor you on how you wow your customers on Amazon.

The Complete Package

Whether you want to start fresh or start over, our coaching can help. Our process begins with a consultation to discover if we are a good match. Get in touch today if you want to go to the next level on Amazon!

By Design

Branding starts with a company logo – something that clicks with your customers. While names are quickly forgotten, graphics stick around. Do you need help creating an impression that your clients can hold onto? If so, we have designers ready to assist you!

Our Process

Tell us your product vision, and we’ll coach you to get there, refine it, and let you present it to the buyers on Amazon. We teach you how to create impressions with the right story.

Spread The Word

Let us coach you on product listings that your buyers can relate to. This will create a brand image that will help build high brand awareness and recognition. Our Amazon expertise and brand awareness will help you reach your customers and most importantly sell products.

Invest In Your Company

Your Amazon listings and customer service speak volumes about your companies promise to the market. Make sure it’s built the right way. An easily optimized listing with A+ content will create trust and can convert buyers quicker than a basic listing with no story.