Every company has it’s story...

Being in The Trenches Helped us Uncover pain & Create Value for Amazon sellers across the globe.

Magic Digital Media was founded by Derek DeMeo, who at the time was at a New York City Based Multi-Channel eCommerce platform specializing in Amazon. Derek could not have been a better person to launch the company; he uncovered a MAJOR issue in today’s online selling market. After onboarding several hundred clients he continued to find the same problem – lack of Amazon marketplace knowledge, Amazon listing optimization, and selling guidelines. The “tricks of the trade” were not reliable with the vast majority of Brands and opportunities, and sales were being missed. He has since gone on to build his very own 8-figure business on Amazon with his partner!

They Needed Help

“Many customers we brought on were already selling on Amazon, and either had a website or wanted to build one, but we’re not sure how to maintain or sell on it. They wanted to generate significant sales on Amazon but did not understand key fundamental points to do so. It was not their fault, many of them were brick and mortar brands or overseas manufacturer’s who wanted to go directly onto Amazon. Sellers had much interest in growing their brands on Amazon but a lack of what it took to do so. Many factors were stopping their growth. What stood out the most was the time needed, the right employees to do it, and how to make the business successful, they did not understand Amazon was a full-time job.” -Derek DeMeo

Our Team

We knew that for the Amazon scaling model to be successful we could not kid ourselves about what it takes to experience explosive growth on Amazon. Most companies that we saw trying to grow on Amazon were comprise of one seller and one Virtual Assistant. In our vision this model that would never work. A specialist in Amazon would not necessarily be the same person optimizing Sponsored ads, writing detailed descriptions, creating enhanced brand content and providing award-winning customer support on Amazon.

Once we became FULL-TIME SELLERS, it was apparent our team should be comprised of Rockstars. Derek was adamant that all of our listings had their own eyes on them, individual employees for our various Amazon verticals, a personal channel for communication, and the comfort of experienced professionals. Magic Digital Media was re-born!